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    Our Office Provides

    Improved oncological healthcare for women

    We helped women to be able to take part in screening for the early detection of cervical cancer in rural regions.

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Elevating cancer care for women in Ethiopia

The Else Kröner Center for Cancer Care (EKCC) project in Ethiopia is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing and decentralizing cancer care in the country to reduce morbidity and mortality rates associated with breast and cervical cancer.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive and accessible one-stop cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment center in Ethiopia, with a focus on breast and cervical cancer to decentralized cancer care, reduce morbidity and mortality rates, and ensure equitable access to high-quality services.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable framework for comprehensive cancer care in Ethiopia, ensuring equitable access to high-quality services and improving health outcomes for individuals affected by breast and cervical cancer.

Our Goal

To significantly reduce morbidity and mortality rates associated with breast and cervical cancer in Ethiopia by implementing strategic approaches, including:-

Establishing a 1-stop clinic (EKCC/Churchill Center),

Improving screening and care in rural health points and selected hospitals,

Enhancing treatment access,

Developing an efficient referral system, and

Providing long-term psychosocial support.

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Our Core Services

Addis Ababa University EKCC Services and other important features

One Stop Clinic

that provides comprehensive care for breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment

Oncology services and Training

provides comprehensive oncology services and training for healthcare professionals.

Peripheral early detection and screening

aim to improve the detection rates of breast and cervical cancer in peripheral sites.

Peripheral Fast Track and Referral Pathways

focuses on implementing an efficient referral system for breast and cervical cancer patients

Survivorship and long-term care

aims to provide comprehensive support to cancer patients beyond initial diagnosis and treatment.

Our Latest News, Events & Announcements

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Strengthening Partnerships: EKCC Hosts German Parliament Members in Partnership with GIZ Ethiopia
Feb. 27, 2024, 5:30 p.m. by Lense Yadete Wordofa

EKCC is proud to announce the success of our recent event, facilitated in collaboration with GIZ Ethiopia. Hosting esteemed guests from the German Bundestag, includin…

Fostering Knowledge Transfer for Global Health: Uniting Experts in Oncology Care
Feb. 9, 2024, 5 p.m. by Lense Yadete Wordofa

From February 7-9 2024, experts from across Ethiopia convened at Monarch Parkview Hotel for a transformative workshop on Gynecological and Breast Oncology. The event,…

Ethiopian Breast Cancer Guideline Finalization Workshop
Jan. 26, 2024, 5 p.m. by Lense Yadete Wordofa

The Ethiopian breast cancer guideline finalization workshop was held at the Elilly International Hotel from January 22-26, 2024. Over the last year, the guideline has…

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Our Staff Members

Meet our highly qualified set of proffesional staff members

Prof. Eva J. Kantelhardt
Dr. Adamu Addisse
Country PI
Dr. Muluken Gizaw
Dr. Sefonias Getachew

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