Else Kröner Center for Cancer Care

The Else Kröner Center for Cancer Care (EKCC) project in Ethiopia is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing and decentralizing cancer care in the country to reduce morbidity and mortality rates associated with breast and cervical cancer. With a budget of 2.5 million euros, the project lasts from February 2020 to January 2026. The project is being implemented by the Addis Ababa University School of Public Health in collaboration with the medical Faculty of Medicine at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.


The project holds significant relevance as it aligns with development policies and contributes to the attainment of national and international health policy goals. It addresses the pressing challenge of high mortality rates caused by breast and cervical cancer in Ethiopia. To achieve its goals, the project follows a logical impact approach, which encompasses various strategies. These include the establishment of a 1-stop clinic known as the EKCC, also referred to as the Churchill Center, as well as the expansion of the EKCC as a training and continuing education site. Additionally, the project focuses on improving cancer screening and care for breast and cervical cancer in 15 rural health points and 8 selected hospitals. It also aims to enhance access to endocrine treatment for breast cancer patients, create a rapid and effective referral system, and develop models for long-term psychosocial support for cancer patients.

By implementing these strategies, the EKCC project seeks to create a comprehensive and sustainable framework for cancer care in Ethiopia, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes and addressing the urgent needs of individuals battling breast and cervical cancer in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EKC is the abbreviation for "Else Kröner Center". EKC is a five-year project being implemented in partnership with Martin Luther University which is funded by EKFS, mainly to work on improving oncological health for women.

The major aim and objective of the project are:

  • establishing a one stop treatment for women with breast or cervical symptoms,

  • providing interdisciplinary training for staff of oncology centers,

  • assessing and optimizing a screening algorithms and fast track referral for precision cervical cancer screening and early detection of breast cancer,

  • development, implementation and optimization of task sharing integrated oncology care with lower level hospitals,

  • development, implementation and optimization of survivorship-care within the primary health care system.

The main center for EKC is located in Churchil Health Center around Piazza, However, we have been working on involving 32 community level health posts, 15 basic service giver health centers and 15 middle to high level care giver hospitals in Addis Ababa.