Fostering Knowledge Transfer for Global Health: Uniting Experts in Oncology Care

Posted on Feb. 9, 2024, 5 p.m. by Lense Yadete Wordofa

From February 7-9 2024, experts from across Ethiopia convened at Monarch Parkview Hotel for a transformative workshop on Gynecological and Breast Oncology. The event, spearheaded by collaborations between The Hope Project, the EKCC Project, Hospital Partnership, MLHU, and AAU, aimed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration in tackling critical issues in cancer care. The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome from Professor Andualem, COO of the College of Health Sciences, setting a tone of enthusiasm and dedication to advancing healthcare. Distinguished experts, including Professor Sirak Petros, Professor Guta, Dr. Endale Anberibir, Dr. Engida Abebe, Dr. Tadesse Urjie, Dr. Debru Addissea, Professor Eva Kantelhardt, Dr. Anna, graced the occasion, together with more Ocology experts representing institutions from Jimma, Gondar, Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Arsi, Ambo, and beyond.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in insightful discussions, sharing cutting-edge research, and clinical practices to enhance the management and treatment of gynecological and breast cancers. The collaborative spirit was palpable as attendees exchanged experiences and strategies for improving patient outcomes and advancing oncological care in Ethiopia. With the collective expertise and dedication showcased at the workshop, there is a renewed sense of optimism in the fight against women's cancers, underscoring the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.